Life's complicated. That's the joy of it! 

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"I have hated the words

and I have

loved them,

and I hope

I have made them right."

- The Book Thief, Markus Zusak

Hi, I'm Addison Riley Vallier

"Demons seem so small. They're the same ones that I've fought in all my nightmares and conquered in my dreams. We have won. As I watch them fall, I begin to realize... my only enemy is me, kingdom come."

—— Jon Bellion, Kingdom Come

Hello! My name is Addison R. Vallier, & "I contain multitudes." (Very well then, I contradict myself). I love travelling, history, coffee, running, music, and also everything else. 

I'm just a 'lil girl who can't lift a typewriter but can type for hours, ready to wage war against apathy (and people that say reading is obsolete). Words are more important than ever.

So hop aboard the Story Well train & be my friend...pleeeeeease?  I can already tell you're super cool. And that you have a story that's worth sharing.

"Your story matters. Please believe that." - Judah Akers

"Love is strong as death." 

Songs 8:6

Unshakable Love, Insatiable Curiosity

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Love ya!