I'm just a girl

telling stories

Cuz it's a crazy world out there
and someone's got to write about it - 
the hope and the fear,
the love and the hate,
the history, the mystery 
the poetry, the mundane 
Somebody has to tell their stories.


"Love to the end, and without exception."

- Maria Skobtsova

I am the creator of Story Well; I also founded Kintsugi Literary Magazine & Energy Theatre Co. 

I am a hodgepodge of very different traits that somehow make the mess that's me. A Christian, a nature lover, a writer, a deep thinker, a Just Dance champ, a vintage style lover, a theatre kid, a sci fi geek, a history buff, a semi violinist, an obsessive latte drinker, and a curator of fine taste in music. I have way too many interests. This is just scratching the surface! 

I am a lyric-captioner of selfies, a hoarder of poetry, a 99-wpm typist and an introvert who needs caffeine in order to socialize. Radical love is my superpower (I'm still in training). I am a survivor. I have been through darkness and lived to tell the tale. I am me. More importantly, I am His.