Parkville, KC's Hidden Gem: #KCoffeeChallenge Day 2

Updated: Jan 2

August 2nd, 2020*

*Aka, when the first half of this was written. Sorry, this post got wayyyyy delayed but guess what?? I'm back on the blog train - just needed a bit of a breather!

I'm starting to realize I might have some trouble picking KC's best coffee. I seem to think the best coffee is whatever I'm currently drinking! However, yesterday I experienced coffee, and a city, that were both undeniably great. And you can quote me on that.

Parkville, Missouri is a beautiful town in the Kansas City metropolitan area, with a population of around 5,500 (as of the last census in 2010). The historic downtown square reminds me a lot of Liberty's, filled with coffee shops, eateries and super old buildings (as in, dating back to the 1800s). They even both have these wing paintings:

Disclaimer time!: We wore our masks at all times except when at least six feet apart from any other person. Ok, let's get on with the post.

Yesterday** my mom, my sisters and I had a very adventurous day taking in only some of what Parkville has to offer. What were we powered by? You already know the answer.

Our first stop of the day was Parkville Coffee, which is in the historic area. Parkville Coffee is the favorite of many of the locals and was recommended to me by my aunt who lives there. They're currently not open in-shop but they are accepting orders from in front of the shop with a protective screen shielding employees who are inside. The employees were friendly and the menu extensive. I can't wait to go back and try another drink.

My mom and I ordered the seasonal Iced Nutty Au Lait, which is cold brew, macadamia syrup, and milk. In contrast to the Roasterie's too-much-honey incident, the Nutty Au Lait had the PERFECT balance of sweetness. My tastebuds were not overwhelmed by the flavor. The milk was indescribably smooth. My sisters and I agreed that the drink tasted sort of like a dessert - but not punch-you-in-the-face with sugar a la Dunkin Donuts coffee. More like a lowkey, subtle, sophisticated treat.

Iris ordered the iced tea, which ended up being Earl Grey. Parkville Coffee's iced tea is complex and flavorful, with notes of lemon and bergamot. It was one of the best black iced tea's I've ever tried (and I drink tea as prolifically as I do coffee). I can't speak for the lavender lemonade, which Harper ordered, but you can take her word that it was delicious.

You can find Parkville Coffee at if any of this piqued your interest!

After we were caffeinated and ready to go, we headed for the Parkville nature sanctuary. It was a really nice day, a great respite from Missouri's relentless hellish heat, so we were excited to hit the hiking trails.

First, however, we stopped at the wonderful Cathy Kline Art Gallery ( which I would highly recommended.

CKAG is a small art gallery + studio in Parkville, filled with beautiful paintings and interesting stories! Every piece of art had a fascinating story behind it... and if you know me, well, you know stories are what I do.

Cathy Kline was very friendly and passionate. She spoke at length about the building's rich history (it used to be a train station! Talk about repurposing!) and her drive for creativity. Ms. Kline lives and breathes art. Her joy for her work is inspiring. I believe every human being is born with a creative spark. We create all the time. Some of us make art, writing, or music; but others make themselves a home, a family, or shape the life they want to build. Either way, we're following the footsteps of God, the Ultimate Creator. And that is pretty darn awesome.

After a long and lovely visit to the art gallery, our troupe of explorers, albeit tired, ventured to the nature sanctuary. It had rained the night before, so Ms. Kline recommended we visit the waterfall, saying, "It'll be beautiful today!" And it was! How many waterfalls are there in Missouri? I can tell you: not very many.

We spotted lots of butterflies, turtles and other assorted flora and fauna. Iris... well, Iris nearly fell into the waterfall. But she caught herself just in time! After the waterfall, we found ourselves at a gorgeous overlook, gazing out at the cloud-topped trees and laughing at the odd, Sharpie graffiti lining its' wooden walls. I'm so grateful to have this time to spend with my sisters. Over quarantine, my family has actually bonded and gotten very close. I'll never take the love we share for granted - I know it's not a given, and I'm so happy to be surrounded at all times by a loving family. And boy, do I love being a big sister. It's the best job in the world.

So! After a long day of pondering art's mysteries and almost falling down a waterfall, we loaded up in the car, excited for a good night's sleep! Anyway, it really was a grand adventure, fueled in the best possible way: coffee.


Thanks for joining me on another journey through my hometown. I can't wait to tell you what I have up my sleeve next. Story Well will never... be... the...same (dun dun DUHHHHHN!) 😂

Just kidding! But, it is exciting. So make sure to tune in next week for more coffee, more stories, and a few announcements.



**it was not yesterday (;

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