The Price of Nobility - Guest Post


I am thrilled to publish this guest post by Juliet Artman of the Young Writer's Workshop today. Thank you Juliet for this opportunity!

~ A. Riley

Nobility is an interesting concept. Can a person be noble if they commit a crime? Can a person be noble if they lie? Is a person noble if they run away from the fight? “Noble” is not a title, it is an action. You earn the title of nobility after you perform the noble action.

Noble people have three things in common.

  1. They run into danger instead of away.

  2. They keep bad from getting worse.

  3. They put themselves before others.

They run into danger instead of away

Sometimes it is easier to run away with the other frightened people than to stay and help others get away or capture the criminal. Firefighters show this each time they go into a burning building, they are risking their own life in a dangerous situation. The military also shows this. As they train for years, learning strategy and body posture, then if the day comes, run into the fight they have trained for. They put their life on the line.

They keep bad from getting worse

If someone saw a person get shot, they would call the police, right? Of course, they would call as fast as possible. No one would just stand there and let the shooter continue his treachery. A noble person tries to stop the problem as fast as possible. What has already happened cannot be undone, but there is always an option to keep things from getting worse. They might help the hurt person or stop more people from entering the place. Instead of standing and covering their faces with other people, noble people will be the ones who try to do all they can to help protect others and prevent more casualties.

They put others before themselves

This sums up all the other points. If you run into danger to keep things from getting worse, you are sacrificing your life for others. Going back to the fireman example, they are putting themselves in danger to help others. If they save 12 people out of a burning building but the building falls on a fireman, in the end they succeeded at keeping bad from getting worse. They know the risk and still do it to save others. Putting others before yourself can be hard, but the reward is much greater than sitting back and letting others do it.

In our country there are three groups of people that are noble everyday. Our military, who fight the battles overseas to keep things from getting worse. Emergency personnel, whether it is a fire, car accident or shooting they put themselves before others and run into the danger. Then there are the everyday noble people. The people, who hold the door for someone or break up a fight before things can get worse, someone who signs up to help people in a flooded area. You cannot be noble without these three things:

1. They run into danger instead of away.

2. They keep bad from getting worse

3. They put themselves before others.

Luckily, they all linked together and being noble only takes a little courage, lots of love, and the generosity of our own life.

Juliet Artman is a fiction writer who loves big families. Being the oldest in her family of six, oldest siblings are her favorite characters to write. Her desire is to be a light of Christ in all her stories and words. The Young Writers Workshop has empowered her to show God’s love through words and stories, and has shown Juliet that being an author at a young age is not a silly dream. She now has a computer full of stories, and a blog called Song of Joy, where she writes about the deeper insights of God in music. When she is not writing she enjoys serving at church, crafting, and reading books in all genres, through contemporary and historical fiction are her favorite.

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