Where is Kansas City's Best Coffee?

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Jul. 25th, 2020

I am a girl of many loves. Coffee, first and foremost 😉. Actually, I love my friends more, but it's a close race. I'm a pretty big bookworm as well. And I love my city. So I've found a way to tie all of these superfantastic things together!

I'm a Kansas City girl, and although I suffer from the classic Missourian Hates the Weather Syndrome, I'm really glad I've grown up here. Technically, I live in a KC suburb, but whatever, right?

My childhood was filled with memories of wandering around downtown in the River Market district. We would suck on honey sticks from the Farmer's Market and chow down the chicken and rice concotions of Al Habashi. Afterwards we'd go inside the Steamboat Arabia museum, but being cheapskates, we never actually bought tickets to see the real boat. It's okay though; my sisters and I were perfectly content to listen to that weird robot dude talk over and over again. Now we explore the beautiful public library, or ride the streetcar down to Betty Rae's Ice Cream. Kansas City's given us Royals games, top tier barbeque, quality jazz music, a building that looks like the Sydney Opera House, and a rich mob history. What more could you ask for?

Recently, my friend Kennedy and I stopped by the Mudhouse, a vegan coffeeshop. Their almond milk cappucino is delicious, by the way. Afterwards, we explored a heckin' cool used bookstore called Prospero's. I didn't buy any books; I felt more like Liesel from the Book Thief, wanting to run my fingers along their spines and absorb the words into my heart.

That day, Kennedy and I concocted an ingenious plan:

What if, once a week, we visited a KC coffee shop and bookstore every week until, well, until there were no more coffee shops left?

That's right, we're on a mission. To discover the best coffee shop in Kansas City. And we're in luck - apparently, according to caffeinated connesouirs across the internet, Kansas City has a vibrant coffee "scene", one of the best in the nation. See, I didn't even know coffee had a scene. The more you know!

Being a seasoned NHD kid, I dove into the research eagerly and came up with a list of all the awesome coffee shops we needed to hit up. I was so excited! Here's a way to explore my city, which I don't do nearly enough; a way to get out of the house safely, which I am sorely lacking; a way to drink loads of coffee and discover new coffee shops; a way to hang out with Kennedy; a way to soak in all those BOOKS! What an epic idea.

So where to go first to begin this KC Coffee Experiment?

Every time we go into KC, there's one place we drive by that you can't miss...

If you'll look to the purposefully horrible selfie to your right, featuring my school-ceiling, you'll notice I'm drinking coffee. My school has an amazing coffee shop called the Nest, where you can buy the Roasterie Coffee for $1. Yeah. It's probably the best coffee deal in the nation. Anyway, I liked drinking the Roasterie coffee so much this past year I decided that it would be our first stop.

Plus, when we drive downtown we can see the giant plane on top of the Roasterie building, so it's kind of iconic in my mind. I've always wanted to go there and thought it'd be the perfect way to begin.

So today, Saturday, July 25th, 2020, I visited the Roasterie for the first time.

The first thing you'll say when you step into the Roasterie downtown, is WOW.

Ok, so there's a huge plane on top of the building. That's cool in and of itself. But not only that, the interior of the building feels more like a coffee MUSEUM than a coffee shop.

There's a place where you can watch them make the coffee and see the bags of beans lined up, ready to be ground. There's a gift shop and informative plaques... like, what?! This is the coolest coffee shop I've ever been to!

But, Addie, it's what's on the inside that counts. So...the million dollar (well, more like six dollar, hehe) question...

How was the coffee?

Being a honey almond nerd, I ordered their seasonal Honey Nut Latte. I almost got the Honeycomb, which is vanilla rather than nut, but it wasn't seasonal.

The Honey Nut Latte is the perfect blend of honey, oat milk and espresso. I got it hot even thought it was 23,4567 degrees outside because when I get iced coffee I chug it in like, two seconds, and we drove wayyyy too far for the coffee to be gone that quickly. I have this really cool talent where I don't feel heat when it's a drink, ergo, I can drink tea straight from the boiler with no ice, so I didn't really mind even though Kennedy and my mom both thought I was crazy. IT'S THE SUMMER! they say GET SOMETHING ICED! Nah. Anyway, sorry for the ramble 🤣.

My only problem with the Honey Nut Latte was, ironically, the honey. There was too much of it. But not too-much of too much, only a little bit too much (that makes no sense...yet it does...) If they toned the honey down just a teensy notch it would've been literally perfect.

The combo of honey as sweetner and a nut milk base is my favorite. I will drink any coffee with that combination. So yes, I very much enjoyed my latte.

Plus, the Roasterie makes quality espresso. The coffee itself was so good I'd drink it black. And I have, before.

My rating of the Roasterie is 9/10. Iconic building, delicious coffee, just a tad too much honey and honestly, that's not a cardinal sin, now, is it?

I definitely recommend checking out the Roasterie if you can. It's on a different plane of existence than Starbucks, and in the same price range. So re-evaluate that Frappuccino. If you've got the time to spare, it's worth a drive to visit the Roasterie KC and support a local business.

We also went to Half Priced Books in Westport, which is actually super close by another coffee shop on my list, Filling Station. Half Priced Books is a high quality used bookstore where you can get books for cheap. It's fun just to look at all the interesting titles.

I don't know how we're gonna top this adventure, but man oh man am I excited! I can't wait til next week to visit another KC treasure. It'll take a while, but someday I truly will be able to answer the question:

where is Kansas City's best coffee?

☕ ❤️


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